sexta-feira, 3 de agosto de 2012

Brave Boo.. *.*

Well, by this time you all must know who this beautiful girl is. Brave!!!! :)

I already loved this character [she is red haired [Weasley.. *.*], wild, crazy and she rulz... :)] but now...  I even like her more.. *.*

You know that amazing hair of hers??? All wild and scary???? 

That was supposed to be Boos hair!!!

Indeed, it's awesome. When Boo was created she had just a wild, wild hair, just like Brave, but it was too soon, the technics used back then were too "simple" for such an awesome hair, so... :)

C'mon.. it's awesome or what?.. :) Boo was so cute.. and now she is even more awesome.. *.*

And Brave seems to be too, absolutely amazing.

And that's all I wanted to say.

See Brave, Love Boo.. :)


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